I believe Sean was the first on the BJ-only list. We met after I answered his Craigslist ad. I would've been happy to fuck him but it was obvious that he was happy to just get blown. That's criteria number one on making the BJ-only list: you coulda fucked me but you didn't. In fact, here are all the criteria. You only need qualify for one...

#1 You coulda fucked me but you didn't. #2 Neither of us could host (and neither of us was motivated enough to rectify the situation). #3 I like you/find you attractive enough to suck you off but not enough to spread my legs.

Once you're on the bj-only list, there you stay. There's no crossing over to the Fuck list. You had your chance. #3 is almost always in conjunction with #1 or #2. In other words, if a guy is hot to fuck me AND he can host, OR makes an effort to facilitate the appropriate accommodations BUT I'm kinda ho-hum about him....I'll usually do him.

Sean fell into category #1. He was hot for my blow jobs but not so much for me. Which was fine because he was reasonably cute with an awesome body and great cock, but kinda uptight and quite the jerk. The summer I returned from my holiday (less my virginity), I'd meet Sean at all hours and blow the hell out of him. For awhile there I was rather obsessed with having him in my mouth.

Summer wound down and I returned to work so I wasn't as readily available. I hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks when I received a text from him telling me that he'd started seeing someone, couldn't see me anymore and would I please delete his number and pics and he would do the same. “Do I have any pics of you?” was my response. Oh yeah, I had a headshot and the shirtless/faceless pic he'd posted on his Craigslist ad. Ooh, the possibilities for blackmail...Please. But I told him I would delete his number and pics (I didn't) and all the best with his new woman, blah blah blah...and that was that.

Or so I thought. About 6 months later I'd just dropped off my new FWB, Jeremy, at the airport (how's that for putting the 'friend' in Friends with Benefits). Jeremy was going to be in the Philippines for three weeks so I was perusing the Craigslist ads for the first time in months. I was reading an ad in the Casual Encounters section and thought to myself, “hey, this guy seems to be looking for someone like me. Maybe I should respond.” Only then did I check out his picture and lo and behold, it was that same shirtless/faceless pic of Sean's from his other CL ad. After reading the ad more carefully, it turns out he wasn't looking for someone like me. He was looking for me, specifically. Apparently, he actually had deleted my number.

It was perfect timing. When the F-dub's away, the mice will play. Sean and I resumed our BJ relationship. He'd moved since I saw him last and could no longer host so our oral encounters were of the vehicular variety which got kinda old kinda fast. He was still a selfish jerk (a theme that would repeat with others) and I'd had quite a bit more experience and opportunity by then. At some point I'd had enough of his jerkiness and stopped answering his messages (my M.O. for ending things) and I haven't seen him since. I have no ill feelings towards him. Our “relationship” had just run its course. I'm not sure I'd recognize his face if I passed him on the street, but I'm pretty sure I could pick out his cock from a Penis Line-up....